Monday, 4 April 2022

C'River 2023: Trouble as APC Chairman Opposes Ayade on Back to South Pronouncement

Ukorebi Esien | 5th April 2022

All seems not well in the ruling All Progressives Congress in Cross River State as the state chairman of the party Barr Alphonsus Eba, yesterday made a shocking revelation that has left many party members' jaw dropped. 

According to a statement issued by the party, the state chairman said the party is yet to zone the state's governorship stool to any senatorial district stating that such decision will be taken by the party's caucus members. This is a direct opposite of the governor's stands to zone the seat to the Southern District of the state, which in a way had given the party a direction.

The statement by Eba reads in parts: 

"The party has not zoned the governorship position of the party and that decision will be taken in a proper caucus of the state executive.

"The constitution of the party spells out those who are members of the caucus, the beauty of it is that the governor is one of the persons that is going to sit in that caucus meeting, as state chairman I will sit there, former national assembly members, local government chairmen, some recognised officers will be part of it as stated in Article 9 of the party", he said.

 He explained that State Governor, Professor Ben Ayade, had charged the State Chapter of the party to eradicate lines of division within the party.

The party chairman said the governor wants the party to "put an end to anything called old and new, and everybody in the APC that is involved in administration from the polling unit structure must also eradicate this line of division.

"We must not give room to members of this party who built the house before some of us came to live in to feel side-lined.

"So in whatever we do, there must be proper balance, equity, fairness and so every member of this party whether you joined the party before 2014 or you joined on May 20, 2021 we are all on equal base.

"We all have equal rights based on the waiver that has been given by the national office. Everybody is eligible to contest so the task for you is to return back to your unit and people and sell yourself". The statement reads. 

In all these, many Cross Riverians especially those from the Southern Senatorial District extraction are concern as to what becomes of the governor's statement on supporting the back to south agenda as he had on several occasions maintained that he is handing over to the South. 

Notwithstanding, some persons also believe the statement by the party may just be politically motivated to calm rising nerves as at the end the governor whom they say have never backed down on his words will still back the "back to south" agenda. 

However, there rumors that this recent decision of the party is not unconnected with the fall out of the recently conducted elections held in Four state constituencies with the party winning only one and the recent position taken by some stakeholders of the party from the central senatorial district of the state. 

In the statement issued by the stakeholders led by Sen. Victor Ndoma-Egba and Chris Agara, they specifically told the governor and the party that the fall out of the elections clearly shows that the south is not ready for power come 2023 and as such the party should not rely on the south and risk losing out next year, they also said the central senatorial district is the only district that can win election for the party.