Thursday, 7 April 2022

Odukpani 2023: The Best Hand for the Job, Etim Umo is Ready

Hon. Sir, Umo Etim Asuquo

As the legislative race for 2023 gathers momentum with several politicians throwing their hats into the ring for the legislative job, there is one person many constituents and stakeholders of Odukpani State Constituency should strongly consider if they want the job done for a greater Odupkani. 

The truth is the legislative job is not just a  job for the core politician, it should be left to persons with legislative governance experience and technocrats with a high level of people engagement and lobbying skills. 

The legislator has three main responsibilities which are Legislating, Representative and Oversight Functions. This means they make or enact laws for the Nation, Represent their constituents, speak for them and attract projects and government presence to their constituency, finally, they ensure projects and government programs in the various MDA's are implemented following specifications.

Judging from the above, Hon. Sir, Etim Umo is the best hand equipped and prepared for the job. A peep into his profile and legislative background suggests he had over the years intentionally positioned and prepared himself to serve the good people of Odukpani.

An old Chinese adage says if you give a wise man 6 hours to cut down a tree, he will use the first 4 hours sharpening his axehead. That was exactly what Umo who is simply described as the people's choice, The best hands for the job has done.

Umo spent a greater part of his early age sharpening his axehead in the legislative business. He was sharpening his axehead, he was refining and making himself ready for the job of a legislator. 

A look at his political background tells the story of his preparedness, his profile will tell the story

Born on the 6th of August, 1982 in Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River State, married with children. Umo is a proven legislative product with several track records. A seasoned grassroots lawmaker who represented Odukpani Central at the Odukpani Legislative Council with many bills, motions and constituency projects to his name. 

Umo is a member of the African Centre for Democracy and Good Governance where he is skilled and schooled in the art of legislative governance 

Umo Etim has been described by his former colleagues as a team player and peoples person, little wonder his constituents say he is the right man for the job. If the PDP sincerely want to win the Odukpani legislative seat in the statehouse of assembly, then Hon. Sir, Umo Etim Asuquo is the best bet.