Wednesday, 4 May 2022

C'River Southern Group Call on Ayade to Drop Presidential Ambition, To Focus on Finishing Strong

John Offiong, Offiong Chief of Party CRSSDA and Governor Ben Ayade, APC Presidential Aspirant

Socioeconomic, political and good governance group concerned with a vested interest in the development of the southern senatorial district of Cross River State, and the state at large, known as Cross River Southern Senatorial District Assembly, CRSSDA, has called on the governor of the state, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade to keep aside his Presidential Ambition and focus on the completion his numerous uncompleted projects so he can keep to his promise of finishing strong. 

In a Press Statement signed by the chief of party of the group, John Offiong, the group reiterated its commitment to good governance come 2023 while insisting that the governor's presidential ambition is a waste of the state resources which would have been used to pay pension and gratuity owed retirees in the state, they also called on governor Ayade not to handover such debt burden to his successor. 

"Once again we want to reiterate our stands and concerns towards the economic development of Cross River state and Cross Riverians and on this note, we seek to state emphatically that the majority of Cross Riverians are not in support of Governor Ben Ayade's Presidential ambition as it is seen as a waste of resources that would have been ploughed into the state to boost the economic well being of Cross Riverians. Cross River State doesn't have any resources to waste on a fruitless, selfish and personal ambition. Ayade should for once be truthful to himself and Cross Riverians for once and drop such futile effort. 

Cross Riverians would prefer that he concentrate and focus on finishing strong, especially in completing some of his projects. And most especially, the governor should ensure he clears all outstanding salaries, pensions and gratuities owed civil servants and retirees. If there's anything Ayade must not hand over to his successor, it's the sweat and labour of those who have meritoriously served him in the various MDA's. Civil servants are the engine wheel of any government and as such, they shouldn't be treated with levity. No man climbing a tree with both hands occupied will ever achieve success in such a journey." The statement read in part.

The group which took a stand towards the emergence of a Southern Governor come 2023 urged religious, traditional and political leaders from the southern extraction of the state across party lines to come together and to produce a unity candidate that is credible and competent to lead the state. 

The statement reads: 
"At this point, we must revoke our commitment and sentiment of ensuring the "Back to South" Agenda sees the light of the day, in as much as we have a strong interest in governance and politics, we make bold to say that we are nonpartisan, therefore, we don't care which platform or political party the next governor emerges from, but we would ensure and only support any political party that produces a credible Southern Candidate as it's flag bearer in the forthcoming elections. We also wish to re-echo our resolve not to compromise credibility, quality and competence on the altar of zoning. What that means is that as a group of vibrant and political conscious Southerners, in this forthcoming elections we will only throw our weight behind any political party that produces a credible, qualitative and competent gubernatorial candidate from the Southern Senatorial District of the state. 

Thus we request that political parties screen and streamline to ensure that only credible and competent aspirants from the South emerge as their candidates. We will galvanise our people from the seven local government areas of the south and our allies from across the state to work against any political party that produces a candidate who is not credible, competent and not from the South. 

We also want to call on Religious, Political and Traditional Leaders from Cross River South across party lines to be devoid of party sentiments and assess the various aspirants from the south in a bid to produce one single candidate. there's an Efik adage which says "We can't go to the market with multiple bags and not get confused about which bag to drop items bought". To avoid confusion and distractions we appeal to our elders to help save the future."