Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Gershom Replies Duke over Imoke’s Third Term Bid through His Aspiration

 Ukorebi Esien | 25th May, 2022

Sen. Gershom Bassey has sent words back to his friend and member of the defunct "Three Wise Men", Ex-Governor Donald Duke over a statement credited to him.


Speaking with Journalist in his Campaign House, Bassey said it wasn't wrong should his friend to seek a third term through him as long as it will lead to the development of the state.

When asked, Is it true that Donald Duke does not support your governorship aspirations, perhaps, seeing it as Liyel Imoke's third term? 


His response was, isn't that a good thing? Did you not enjoy Imoke's administration? 


So if he wants to have a third term through me, is it not a good thing? 


And if somebody who is the leader of the central and can deliver major local government in the central wants to support somebody in the South who can also deliver major local government in the South, are we not half or major way of having a PDP Governor? Where's the problem? 


The lawmaker who is seeking the seat of the governor of Cross River State said he is the most qualified to fly the party's flag stating that he is the only aspirant in his party who has contested an election against Prince Bassey Otu, the All Progressives Congress Consensus Candidate and having beating twice in an election, he believes he has more electoral value than Otu.


Bassey disclosed that he has a strong support base in the central senatorial district of the state and the northern district are ready to give massive support. Therefore, if the PDP is serious about winning the election in the state and implementing the party's developmental agenda, he is the best option for the party.


Speaking on the "Back to South" Agenda, Bassey noted that the agenda is still fully in play although not constitutional delegate will implement the agenda in the field should the party fail to give a directive as per zoning. 

"The issue of back to the South is still very much alive in the People's Democratic Party (PDP). What we have said is that, since there has been no zoning for now, of course, we have a few more hours or a few more days to go before the primaries. We believe that if there's no zoning that means the delegates themselves will have to do the zoning.  And we in the South believe that the delegates of the PDP will cast their votes in such a way that will affirm the back to South agenda." He said  


he has what it takes to defeat any candidate produced by the All Progressives Congress in the State, he added that having defeated Sen. Prince Otu twice in the field during his senatorial race, it was only normal to defeat him again in the guber race. 


Bassey said amongst all the aspirants in his party he is the only one who has contested against Prince Otu, the APC consensus candidate and has defeated him twice. Stating that he is more popular among the people than Otu and should be given the party's mandate.


Bassey added that he is the only aspirant in his party with statewide acceptability, boasting that the Central senatorial district is behind his aspiration and the Northern district is ready to accept him, therefore he stands a better chance in the field


"It is clear that I am the most electable candidate of all the people that have come out. Of course, you know that the consensus candidate of the APC is Senator Prince Bassey Otu, my friend. But we also know that the only person that has contested an election with Prince Otu is me and we know the record. Therefore, I am the most electable of all the aspirants in PDP and if PDP wants to win the election in 2023 and wants to execute the agenda they have for Cross Riverians, then they have to go for the most suitable candidate and that is me. 


So, it is really up to my delegates, it is up to my peers to also come to that determination but I think they have come to that determination so we will see it in the field on Wednesday or Thursday." He said.


For the general election, Sen. Bassey urged Cross Riverians to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party, stating that the PDP is the only true party in Nigeria while APC is a mere contraption that was put together by strange bedfellows, adding that the records of the PDP for the past 22 years in the state are there for all to see, that Ayade was the problem of the party but he has carried those problems away to the APC


The truth is that PDP is the only true political party in Cross River State and Nigeria. The other one is the contraption that was put together by strange bird fellows and we are seeing that play out today in everything they do. That is number one. Number two, the track record of the PDP over 20 to 22 years is there for all to see. The problems that we have had in the PDP were when the current Governor came into PDP and he has carried those problems with him to the APC.