Saturday, 28 May 2022

ON PRIMARY ELECTIONS: A Quick Thought By Richard F. Inoyo

Richard F. Inoyo | 28 May 2022

I don't get, in respect to congratulatory messages after election primaries. Why do fellow aspirants ended up congratulating the aspirant that is declared winner knowing that the said aspirant emerged winner based on vote buying? I don't get, are they congratulating the aspirant for outspending Dollar to Dollar or Naira to Naira or buying more votes than them or for coming over with bigger Ghana Must Go bags? 

The whole thing seems abnormal to me like a student who engaged in exam malpractice to score high and emerged as the best graduating student. How you expect those of us who read without carrying answer chips, and without engaging in exam malpractice to congratulate such student declared best graduating student for sorting and what have you makes zero sense to me.

So you practically commend and congratulate the student for either sorting or the candidate for spending and buying more votes than you. Where is the place for popularity, ideological persuasion and policy vision for the state or constituency? All flung off the window?

We must purge ourselves and ask one another how we have slide this low to place money beyond and above conscience, policy debates, ideological creed and trans-generational development.

I am afraid, if this despicable disgraceful and shameless practice is allowed to take full root and darken the universe of our political elections, it will be game over, choosing without eye sight like a blind man, looking at the fact that a set of men outside the country or outside state would some day sit down with massive finance and decide who secure tickets and with such they will practically control the national assemblies, state house of assemblies and the entire federal system and state structures thereby having stooges who will pass obnoxious and anti-people policies, run our national treasury with impunity and take over our sovereignty without firing a single shot knowing that they were never accountable to the masses_ practically buys the country and make it theirs.

For this reason, we must therefore have a rethink and reject the normalisation of this erroneous introduction to our political matrix. For a start, community must therefore think and find a way of being ones to elect delegates and not allowing political party to just throw up list from now where. Today I say to you, join the rest of calling for the end of this disgusting and promodial practice and push for the sanctity and sanity of one man one vote issued based on conscience.


Richard F Inoyo,
Country Director,
*Citizens' Solution Network*