Friday, 6 May 2022

Why the Future of the New Cross River State is amply secured with Etubom(ARC)Bassey Eyo Ndem?

Electability has been the basic most important force motivating voters during electioneering period. 

Over the years, statistics have proven that candidates that are moderate and of peaceful disposition, emerges often than presumed popular candidates. 

To better understand voters perception of electability, the need to project a candidate who can provide proven behavioural evidence worthy enough to persuade the masses from accepting the candidature, cannot be overemphasized.

Eligibility is another factor critical in determining any candidate that would represent any political platform in the general election. 

The qualifications premised on eligibility are certain criteria ranging from competence, capacity, vast experience, moral aptitude and allegiance to social norms. 

Any candidate that lacks these qualifications is vulnerable and could be subjected to discriminatory campaigns targeted at undermining the Party's visibility prior to the electioneering period.

Political baggage is another damaging set of claims used in de-marketing a particular candidate from winning an elective position. 

However, there were certain past indiscretions that could also destroy just about any politician's chances of winning any political office, especially some baggage from previous electoral races such as; adultery, criminal convictions, huge conflicts of interest and fraudulent activities. 


Therefore, the need to front a candidate who represents a new narrative to governance and carries no cultural, religious or political baggage.

Building bridge across political lines; To truly bridge idealogical divides along social and political lines, there is need to project a candidate that understands the social and psychological roots of polarization. 

This is incumbent given that Cross Riverians cannot allow more political polarization to fester unchecked, considering that they  are all fed up with the deep political schism which the State is presently facing, thereby promoting solutions that can help unite the people.

The only man that can guarantee that and ensures Cross River State makes more meaningful progress is Etubom ARC Bassey Ndem.

He is the  only man that can properly mentor  the youths for effective leadership.

Etubom the New face of Cross River State.