Thursday, 30 June 2022

2023: I am still waiting on God to know whom to vote as Nigeria's President -Ortom


The governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom has said is not sure of who he will vote as Nigeria's president in the next presidential election slated for next year. 

Ortom who was speaking in an interview on Arise TV said he was still waiting on God to know who to vote 

"I am praying; if God directs me to support Atiku, why should I not do it? He said. 

Recall that Ortom was amongst the 17 man committee setup by PDP to select a running mate for Atiku and 14 out of 17 of the committee members rooted for Wike but surprisingly Atiku rather went for Okowa. 

The development has since brought in bad blood to the party.

Speaking on the development, Ortom praised Wike as "somebody who stood for the party and made sure that things worked", adding that "some of us believed in him" as the party's best choice for the vice-presidential candidate.

He added that he will be supporting Atiku's presidential bid only if God directs him.

"All of us have our weapon; Wike can be 'something something' but when it comes to mobilisation, impact, value addition and reaching out to make sure that the party works the man is an instrument. He's somebody who stood for the party and made sure that things worked. Some of us believed in him, but unfortunately, it was somebody else. But the party is supreme," he said.

"However, some of us have resorted to prayers. I have been in hibernation. We've resorted to prayer: 'Lord God, where do we go from here.' I believe as a Christian that power belongs to God. The Bible says a man can receive nothing except it is given to him from above.

"I am praying. I have gone into hibernation. I am fasting and praying. So in the end, if God directs me that I should support Atiku, why should I not do it? After all, he's my party member. But I am waiting for him to do more. I expect him to reach out to Wike, who came second in the presidential primary. The man he denied the popular view of the PDP members — 14 out of 17 — who said Wike should be the vice-presidential candidate. I expect more explanation. I expect him to talk to Wike — whom we are supporting — first. I expect him to reach out to some of us so that together we can work as a party."