Sunday, 12 June 2022

Meet Nigerian Lawmaker who Beats His Wife, Even After Passing VAPP Law

Asuquo Cletus Felix | 6th June 2022

Mrs Kezia Robinson Uwak, 27, has accused her husband Robinson Uwak, a former Federal lawmaker in The National Assembly of beating her in their residence at Brains and Hammers Avenue Estate, Gwarimpa Federal Capital Territory  Abuja.

Kezia who spoke in a press briefing organised by Basic Human Right Initiative in Calabar, Cross River State capital said the ex-lawmaker had severally physically abused her, threatening and bullying her as well as attempting to kill her parent and other members of her family.

Robinson Uwak who represented Oron, Mbo, Okobo, Ure-Offong/Oruko and Udung-uko federal constituency of Akwa Ibom State in the 7th Assembly was reported by his embittered wife who said the marriage is a threat to her life and has tried everything humanly possible to make her marriage work, without success would prefer a divorce. 

Mrs Kezia Uwak at the Press Briefing 

Kezia Uwak disclosed this in a press conference, organized by Basic Human Rights in Calabar the Cross River State capital.

In her words; 
"It has happened over all the time through the years we've been married, I have been systematically isolated, from friends and family. I won't say he doesn't provide, he does he provides everything.

"We got married in the court on  May 20th, 2020, and our white wedding was July 4th 2020. In December 2021, he invited my family over, for holiday, we had an issue when he got upset with me talking to somebody, a female friend, whom he did not like he seized my phone, and he stop me from work.

"He told my father that those were his decisions, he threatened my dad, my dad was calming him down he dropped my daughter, locked the door. My mum came downstairs he abuse my mum, kick them and hit my mum till she fell and he said all kinds of horrible things.

"He tortured me, he made me kneel, he verbally abuse me, he said he was going to kill me, kill my mother and my father. He threatened to beat my father, he use his feet and kicked my face up.

" He said he will cut me into parts. And that with just 50 thousand he can pay someone to kill me, he carried a copy of the Bible and swore, and he said I will not leave the marriage alive, that he will kill me.

"He hit my skull, he did horrible things to me. I reported the matter to NATIP and FIDA they refuse listening to me. A lawyer whom I reported to when I went to see him said madam these things are normal in marriage, this morning I shouted on my wife that doesn't mean I don't love her.

"Many people refused to listen to me, everybody, I tried to talk to felt, I haven't done enough to make my marriage work, they all said marriage is like that. I lost friends everybody, family members, and all the male contact in my phone, he never allowed me to go out. He said I must always obtain permission from him before going to anywhere.

I want justice to be served. I want the whole world to know that if anything should happen to me, Robertson Uwak should be held responsible for it." She complained 

It is worth to note that the said lawmaker Robertson Uwak, was in the federal house of Representatives, at the time the violence against person prohibition act was signed, passed into law and signed by former president Good luck Jonathan in 2015.

 In 2016 Sylvester Okwong, Journalist in Uyo wrote a piece titled THE PUBLIC IRRITANT CALLED ROBINSON UWAK