Sunday, 21 August 2022

Asuquo Ekpenyong Jnr and His Co-travelers Should Know That Cross River South Deserves a Better Deal

By Okon Effiom

It is not surprising that Asuquo Ekpenyong Jnr responded to the little spooky affront against him and his party in the litigation against Rt. Hon. Daniel Effiong Asuquo. 

What is even more surprising is the total display of buffoonery they think Cross River South will fall into through the very shenanigan analysis of the suit alleging it to be the thought process and execution of the All Progressive Congress. 

Then they must understand that the people of the Cross River South are no fools, except Asuquo Ekpenyong is accepting that he is indeed a mediocre and wants to take Cross River South 20 years backward since he is the type that lacks the willpower, the acumen, the political sagacity, and all that it takes to succeed in any given task, hence everything must be done for him.

The young man is my brother and I know him very well but home training will not allow me to go very personal with him but to tell him the truth, he is the one desperate here. Going about destroying the billboards of your opponent shows the height of desperation and fear. Well, since he does not have track records, it is easy for him to apply this infantile approach in a game he knows very little or nothing about.

Ntufam Ntui, the author of the grand folly peddled on social media and his principal knows little or nothing about the game plan, the intrigues of the Cross River Southern Coalition except they are confessing to the entire Cross River Southern Senatorial District about their game plan to deny the south the opportunity of taking over Government House in 2023. The confessional defense of Ntufam Ntui points to the glaring scenario of the grand scheme they have been involved in all along.

To say that Rt. Hon. Daniel Asuquo was offered a senate ticket is a veiled demonstration of the primitive pressure of praise-singing. It is even naïve to think that anyone can be coerced into a position of leadership. Maybe that is why Asuquo Ekpenyong is being led into the political battle as a "Mummy's boy" or a "Daddy's boy".  My happiness is that people have come to understand that leadership is service and not an entitlement. And political leadership is not an inheritance, not in Nigeria. No one is expected to play a placeholder role.

I have been following the politics of Cross River State and I can say affirmatively that Rt. Hon. Daniel Asuquo never begged the APC for senate instead they tried courting a relationship to boost their relevance knowing that their baby candidate will not stand a chance in the contest for the soul of Cross River South. This has been displayed by their backyard venture to an impossible outcome of victory by this litigation or why are they afraid? 

Don't remind us about your anti-party activities with your father-in-law. Those events are well documented, or should we tell Cross Riverians how the Governor was very angry with you? How convenient do you seek for senatorial position when you were shouting, "fuck senate" when Prince Bassey Otu was announced that the governor had to shout you down.

If you were not desperate, you should have allowed Ntufam Okon Owuna to continue for equity, fairness, and justice knowing very well how the Akamkpa/Biase Federal Constituency has been marginalized for so long. Besides, you were still the one that said you will have no interest in politics after your tenure as commissioner for finance. It is also well documented how you begged that the report be taken down. 

The facts of the case in question show the ignorance of the plaintiff seeking judicial interpretation. Maybe you are not aware of political processes, if not, you and your party would have looked back to understand that what you accused another of, your principal the governor and other members of your party are necks deep into it.

Be informed that there was never a time an offer for the senate was presented before Chief Daniel Asuquo, if one is to even dabble into that area, who was to step down for the other if we want to look at deliverables of democratic dividends? 

The problem with us is that we play too much, we don't investigate situations, and we just accept everything thrown at us. We don't want to elect "I concur legislators". We want real lawmakers who will represent us well. 
We want a competent hand and not a lawmaker that will have surrogates everywhere. 

Need be reminded that Odiba Odiba is the co-commissioner for finance. He is the brain behind the success story of that business empire everyone is giving you credit for. This has been your stock in trade, and your penchant for this is legendary. Be informed that those who look for quick winds are examples of scared and frustrated people. Never again will a political process be hijacked; the electorates will have their say and people with no political leverage or performance will be voted out or never given a space to such exalted office meant for men and not mediocre.

Senate is not for political Alleluia boys. I advise that you rather start your political journey with the House of Assembly. Cross River State deserves more value from experienced legislators in the senate.

This is earned from the electorates not by the court or as an entitlement. Power belongs to the people. Show your scorecard of how working closely with Ayade has added a bit of value to just your community, what did you attract to Odukpani? Ok, I remember- the Banana processing and exporting factory. Can Cross River South afford to mortgage the seat for a P.A? Let's strengthen the political base of the South please because we have suffered too long.

Experience and ranking are indispensable assets in the Senate, not 'an Oga's boy'. Odukpani has kept its political space for Governor. Let's be wise in our sincere pursuit of the back to South advocacy.

My advice to you my dear brother is to go about your campaign in peace. There is just no way you will meander to have victory through mudsling and peddling falsehoods that people will not uncover. For he who goes to equity must do so with clean hands.