Monday, 15 August 2022

My Humanitarian Gestures Transcends Political Ambitions, It Runs in the Blood - Ben Akak

Engr. Ben Akak

The Humanitarian who have been adjudged by many Cross Riverians as a friend to the downtrodden made this known shortly after his family gifted food items, beverages, toiletries and cash to three different orphanages and homes of the aged in Calabar. 

In a brief interview with newsmen shortly after the visit, Akak dispelled rumours that his gestures towards the people are motivated by his political ambitions, stating that his father was a humanitarian and it is only natural for him to take after the footsteps of his father as his children will also take after him. 

According to him, humanitarianism runs in their blood and his gestures towards the needs of the people are simply scriptural principles he is practising as the Holy writs commands that the poor and needy should be attended to. 

"It's in the blood, the secret behind my philanthropic acts is in the scriptures that says whatever you do, remember the poor, the less privilege, those who are not as able as you are and ensure to share the little you have among them, because they are also important, even Christ said, whatever you do to the least of them, you do unto Him. Another reason is because of Christ and we love God and you cannot love God without loving humanity." He said. 

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Akak who recently aspired for the gubernatorial seat of the state informed that he is not deterred by whatever people say about his philanthropic activities as it won't stop him from continually reaching out to the poor and less privileged, stating that what will differentiate him and the is the fruit.

When asked if his philanthropic acts had any political undertone or connections, he said, 
"The Bible said, by their fruits you shall know them, let people see our fruits and know who we are, that is the basis of our living, they can speculate, they can say all kinds of things, but we will remain consistent to what we believe and what we stand for. And no matter what anybody does or say, we cannot stop touching the lives of people, we cannot stop doing this you have seen us do and we will continue to do it. And even when God will call me home at a grand old age, my children will continue this aspect, because my dad was humanitarian in all his endeavours. It runs in the blood."