Tuesday, 30 August 2022

With Rt. Hon. Daniel Asuquo, Cross River South will be free from the Golgotha experience

By Daniel Ijenga

As injustice becomes the norm of Cross River South and fraudulent exploiters and conquerors become heroes and heroines in Cross River South, we must listen attentively to the echoes that come from the other side of the senatorial district saying calling for attention and recognition. Give Akamkpa/Biase a chance.

As the powerful crush the weak without any sense of remorse, and as they gang up against the few without looking back, we must hear faint but resolute voices from the other side of the senatorial district. Akamkpa/Biase is part of the Senatorial District.

As our political chieftains appear more confused than ever to give out two positions to the same LGA without recourse to the others amidst the incessant neglect, and abuse ignoring the agitations of the people for justice for Akamkpa/Biase Federal Constituency. The message of hope appearing like a rainbow from behind the horizon, announcing that Cross River South can be better again is Rt. Hon. (Ntufam) Daniel Asuquo. He is the Daniel come to judgment, not to castigate anyone but to point the light in the right direction for the growth and development of Cross River Southern Senatorial District.

Thus, the remnant faith of Cross River South need not despair if they understand the logic of the dawn. The few just and peace-loving individuals of Cross River South need not despair if the mystery of the rejected stone becomes the chief cornerstone in doing the needful for the people.

Cross River South need not despair if they understand that the alternative provided in the political ideology of the Labour Party gives hope and renew enthusiasm that Cross River South can be great again. We will be launched into the political dispensation of truth, hearing for the aggrieved and redress for the oppressed. The poor shall be blessed, there will be justice, peace, fairness, equity, and transparency. These are what Dansuki stands for

Some of us in Cross River South has been branded dissident because we speak truth to powers and abhor injustice but we shall continue to be the small still voice calling on our people to embrace the alternative that gives premium to the family. This is why Rt. Hon. Daniel Asuquo stands for community empowerment initiative.

Most persons have been faced with political fatigue amid despondency, apathy, and widespread manipulations in the political space, but the question many have failed to ask and the answers we fear do not always allow us to task our sense of civility in holding our socioeconomic slayers accountable. This is why Rt. Hon. Daniel Asuquo has proclaimed openly that he cannot be a coward and be subservient to the detects of hypocrisy.

His track records, political sagacity, administrative acumen, and antecedents attract admiration from the length and breadth of the country, this is the moment of our truth in the south to embrace reality in asking ourselves whether we are ready as a district to move forward or we want to slide back into another Golgotha experience? This is the task before us and indeed a moment of truth.