Wednesday, 7 September 2022

Why APC Cross River State is lucky to have Engr. Ben Akak in its fold.

Engr. Engr. Ben Akak

I have severally told those who care to listen that the forth coming 2023 elections is one that will humble the proud and exalt the meek in spirit. It will be one of the elections that the strength of men will fail them and one election that those who solely rely on Party is Supreme (Party is supleme) will truly understand that it is the electorates that will be Supreme this time. It is also one election that politicians will come face to face with disappointments and betrayals because the anger in the land is high and very loud now.

Let no one deceive anybody, the governorship election in Cross River State will not be about party, it will be about exerting justice, promoting communal peaceful relationship and allowing competence to rule and reign over greed. It will also be about the level of impact the politicians jostling to rule Cross River State has impacted across the state. 

It is at the level of impact created across the state which will contribute to the success of the next governor at the polls, that I am very convinced that the APC in Cross River State is very lucky to still have Engr. Ben Akak in its fold, strongly supporting the candidacy of Prince Bassey Otu, the APC gubernatorial candidate in the State. 

Engr. Ben Akak impact across Cross River State in terms of his political reach, physical infrastructure and his exemplary leadership of not abandoning his followers no matter how odd the situation, is one value he brings to the APC in the State which will see all his followers and admirers strongly support the candidacy of Prince Bassey Edet Otu to become the next governor of the State. 

This is so because, Engr. Ben Akak has created an indelible record in the heart of his followers that he can never abandoned them even when his party has refused to take note and make full use of this his wonderful grassroot appeal or take advantage of who he is to his supporters.

The 2023 elections will be about who you trust and vote buying may be too insignificant to alter the current anger in Nigeria and this makes Politicians like Engr. Ben Akak in Cross River State APC very valuable assets that must be taken advantage of for the success of the party.

Ekpenyong Isaiah-isababa
Commander, Infantry Pen Battallion



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